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Want to Watch Free Movies? Here’s how

Today, there are very few platforms for netizens to view latest movies from the comfort of their homes with high streaming quality that integrates a cinematic experience to them, well that is where 123Unblocked comes to help. These guys have set themselves apart in the online world by incorporating themselves in search terms like “watch free movies” “123 free movies online” and others which we don’t have to mention here.

They guys behind this project are very good at what they do, the site interface, the site quality of videos, that is why most some countries like the UK banned them. This ban, however, resulted in its vast user-base seeking proxies to access this awesome platform.  Here we help guide you on how you can unblock this platform and enjoy its services to the fullness.

How to Unblock 123movies?

For the impatient former user of this platform before its ban, this is the question roaming around his mind, here we are going to answer that question.

We all know that paying for DVD’s is an old tradition that has been forgone now, this made 123movies platform marvel the netizens when the incorporated great user interface, great-connection speed to entice movie lovers at their fingertips which eventually made most run to the platform for latest movies. To be honest, these guys got most of it fans from paid webservers of Amazon Prime and Netflix; this made the government ban these platforms for watching free movies online.


However, we have a simple solution basically for those using chromecast; you will have to connect your Chromecast to Kodi, when that is done, you can then watch free 123movies unblocked. An alternative would be to use proxies, here is a best proxy list for unblock the 123Movies. Using a VPN is a cool way to access these contents.  

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