The Most Common Types Of Cyber Attacks To Protect Against

A cyber attack is a process through which computer systems and devices are compromised to help steal data and information from business centers. This is something primarily done by hackers. To protect your organization from these cyber attacks, it’s equally important to learn about them, understand how these systems attack your computer and networks and damage your business at one go.

Here are the different types of cyber attacks that you should be aware of:

  1. Denial of service (DOS) and Distributed denial of service (DDOS)

In the denial of service process, your system is simply overwhelmed in a manner that it cannot respond to any other service requests. DDOS is done in the same way, but the attack is launched from a number of other machines that are already infected by malicious software and the attacker is controlling it already.

  1. MITM attack or man in the middle attack

In this form of attack, the hackers intrude between the client and server communication. Some of the common types of MITM attack are:

  • Session hijacking where the hackers hijack a session between the client and network servers. They substitute their IP address for the client and the server goes on with the session.
  • IP Spoofing, in this technique the hackers convince the system that it’s interacting with a known entity and thus the attacker sends the IP source address of a known entity instead of its own. The attack is successful if the system accepts the packet and goes ahead with it.
  • Replay, this type of attack takes place when the attacker attempts to intercept and save old messages so that he send them later and impersonate as one of the communicators.
  1. Phishing and spear phishing attacks

This is the practice of sending fraudulent emails to people posing as a trusted source. These emails are designed with the aim of acquiring personal information. This comprises of trickery and social engineering. These emails are also used to load malware onto computers. Spear phishing is one of the most “hard to identify” type of attack.

  1. 4. Drive-by attacks

This is a common mode of infesting a system with malware, done through unsecured websites where a malicious script can be planted.

  1. Password attack

Password hackings is one of the most common ways to infest a system. Passwords are created to safeguard important data and information and hacking them would directly lead the hackers to the information that they need.

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