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How to Choose Social Media Agency

There are many doubts that assault brands when choosing social media agency, not only those who start their journey in social networks or have no previous experience in selecting digital marketing agency, but also those whose experience has made recognize the complexity of a choice of these characteristics.

You may reckon it’s an easy decision, but soon after you start searching the Internet, you will be overwhelmed by the number of companies that offer their services in this area. So the difficult thing is to hit the best one.

What a Good Social Media Agency Should Offer

Multidisciplinary Team

Many brands have fallen into the temptation of hiring a person to manage their social networks internally, or even resort to the services of freelance to execute the daily update of their profiles. It’s a serious mistake. Social Media requires a strategy and a multidisciplinary team to put it in motion, made up of journalists, creative art directors, and designers, experts in SEO. A single person cannot take charge of the strategy in social networks of a company since it would be impossible for it to gather all the necessary knowledge for it.


The number one thing that talks about a Social Media agency when you don’t know anything about it is the experience you have. And this is not only measured in time, but also on the quality of the customers it serves. Taking a look at your credentials, current clients and success stories will let us get an immediate idea of whether it’s a first, second or third division agency. It seems logical to think that if important companies or multinationals trust in a specific agency, it is because, at least, the work they do is correct and appropriate to the trending news and market needs.


The world of the social networks is a changing space, subject to the tendencies that in each moment the users follow. Therefore, you must choose a marketing agency that is up to date in terms of new channels and technologies, which is not restricted to offering two or three standard networks but suggests the most novel and appropriate for your target. Also, be certain that the proposals you make are innovative and do not just replicate what other brands have done before. Only by innovating can the audience be surprised.


Find an agency that doesn’t just tell you what is right and what is wrong, but that can explain and argue the whys. Ask everything that is unclear to you and the moment you have the information, take some time to reflect on the guidelines given. It is important that, in the proposal, carry out an analysis of your social media, in case you already have them and let them tell you those things that can be upgraded and why. Sure, once you are pointed out, it will be easy to see clearly how the management of your social channels is taking place.

As you can notice, choosing a Social Media marketing agency may seem difficult, but the truth is that if you look at the points above, the task will not seem so hard if you are looking for a marketing agency that can set up a strategy for your social networks.

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