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An Exciting New Solar Energy Technology

The sun oriented industry is still in its outset. New thoughts, creations, and advancement are the lead instead of the exemption. All things considered, an energizing new sun oriented vitality innovation has as of late been presented. The new innovation isn’t about another mousetrap, yet rather, an imaginative procedure to deliver those mousetraps less expensive and all the more proficiently. In this article, we will investigate the organization and individuals in charge of the new thought. We will likewise talk about the method and the general effect to the sun based and sustainable power source segment.

The organization is 1366 Technologies-This little start-up was established in 2008 and is situated in Lexington, Massachusetts. The prime supporters are Emmanuel Sachs and Frank van Mierlo. Emmanuel Sachs is a previous MIT educator and has a long history of inventive thoughts. He is the designer of the string lace photovoltaic process which was marketed by Evergreen Solar. Sachs is likewise credited similar to a co-innovator of the 3-D printing process that can make objects from a PC display. Emmanuel Sachs is right now the Chief Technology Officer and Frank van Mierlo is the present CEO. Previous Department of Energy Secretary Stephen Chu claims that 1366 Technologies is one of the examples of overcoming adversity of the Federal sustainable power source program known as ARPA-E. Next, we will investigate the innovation that the organization has created.

1366 Technologies as of late opened a 25 megawatt exhibition plant in Bedford, Mass. to fabricate photovoltaic cells. The organization professes to have a superior procedure for the assembling of PV cells. The present business standard is to cut the wafers from a vast square of silicone material. This outcomes in the wastage of 50 percent of the material. 1366 Technologies means to cast the multicrystalline wafers with a computerized procedure. The business standard of around 17 percent productivity will continue as before, however the new procedure will result in a 50 to 65 percent fabricating cost-reserve funds. This will empower them to cut expenses by an imaginative assembling process instead of an expansion in vitality effiencies. Presently we will look at their financing sources and associations.

The organization has plans to scale-up their 25 megawatt plant to a 1 gigawatt office. Up until now, the organization has brought 46 million up in subsidizing from different funding gatherings. These incorporate North Bridge Venture Partners, Polaris Venture Partners, and others. Financing accomplices additionally incorporate NRG Energy and Hanhwa Solar. They have likewise anchored a Department of Energy credit for 100 million. The evaluated cost of the 1 gigawatt plant is 200 million. The organization seems to have masterminded reasonable money related help for their undertaking. In our decision, we will talk about the conceivable effect to the sun based industry from this new procedure.

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